Way Back 2014

Tom Jones, Eartha Kitt and
Phil Phillips Caught Endorsing
Coffee, Vodka and Rum

Memories of a certain 1993 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode featuring guest star Tom Jones have come rushing back thanks to a new Starbucks commercial with a jerkily-looped clip of Carlton (newly-mirrorballed Dancing With the Stars star Alfonso Ribeiro) geekin' out to Tom's breakthrough 1965 single "It's Not Unusual." TV ads for other stimulating beverages have also been appearing frequently: Eartha Kitt purrs her '53 hit ... MORE ››

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Connie Francis

Connie Francis celebrated "Baby's First Christmas" on the flip of one of the Top 100 Two-Sided Hits of the '50s and '60s. Check out all the double-fun favorites! ... MORE ››

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James and Bobby Purify

The 1966 hit "I'm Your Puppet" is the song most people remember James and Bobby Purify for; Memphis-based soul men Sam and Dave are the singers they're too often unfavorably compared to. As a longtime fan of both duos, but with a preference for J&B over S&D, I can tell you Florida's Purify guys ain't no one-hit wonders and never had a reason to feel inferior to the Stax label's Moore and Prater. Also, contrary to the name, they weren't brothers and may not have even been related by blood (a debatable point), which would make them something of an accident in the studio, two potential solo singers come together as one act...and I'm sure glad it happened the way it did! Robert Dickey was born in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1939, a guitarist who started gigging... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Ray Bryant Combo

The Madison Time
by the Ray Bryant Combo

Depending on a person's musical preference, the name Ray Bryant may mean different things to different people. Those with a keen ear for jazz know the lively piano player for a long series of recordings capped by his often-performed, multiple-part "Little Susie." Rhythm and blues fans are well aware of his work with a youthful Aretha Franklin ... MORE ››