Tales from the Atomic Age

Incognito Acts:
They're Not Fooling Anyone!?

Country superstar Hank Williams, popular since 1947, began recording inspirational music in 1950 as Luke the Drifter, wishing to keep those recordings separate from his successful country career. Other country artists had a more whimsical reason for going incognito: Sheb Wooley, a fairly humorous guy in his own right with hits like "The Purple People Eater" in 1958 and "That's My Pa" four years later, went off the deep end as Ben Colder, recording parodies ... MORE ››

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Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs are not forgotten! They've impacted the list of the Top 100 Music Groups of the '50s and '60s...and so have 99 others! ... MORE ››

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Peter and Gordon

The spring of 1964 commenced in the midst of the invasion. Stylishly-suited blighters armed with guitars and drumsticks were sending America's youth to the brink of abandoning their home-grown music heroes in favor of this Merseybeat movement from the British Isles. While every top-selling singing act that made an impact in the west owed a debt of gratitude to The Beatles, who'd inadvertently sparked the continental expansion, there were a handful who had more of a direct connection to that lovable rascal Ringo and his three fab frontmen, two of whom offered songs they'd written to these affiliated acts, usually (but not always) through a common association with Brian Epstein, who kept his plate full functioning as manager for Gerry and the Pacemakers ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Dave Brubeck Quartet

Take Five
by the Dave Brubeck Quartet

Musically speaking, timing was everything to Dave Brubeck. Born in 1920 in Concord, California, he possessed a natural rhythm. During his teenage years he was a ranch hand, working for his father, Pete Brubeck, in the San Joaquin Valley. To fend off boredom he would make up melodies, using the rhythm of the ranch (galloping horses, the ... MORE ››