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Edwin Starr, Human Beinz:
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Ohio's Heritage

While the summer's Olympic Games in Rio have slipped in some intriguing music selections, only one vintage 1960s standard sticks out, and it's on an event-related commercial for Visa featuring (as usual) the voice of Morgan Freeman. The song: Cleveland, Ohioan Edwin Starr's foot-blistering "Twenty-Five Miles." If the lyrics (and title) of the 1969 hit could somehow be altered to accomodate an extra one-point-2188 miles, it would be ... MORE ››

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Paul Revere and the Raiders

Paul Revere and the Raiders have battled their way into the upper third of the Top 100 Music Groups of the '50s and '60s! Check out the list of the decade's best ... MORE ››

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Tommy Sands and Annette

In the early months of 1956, as soon as it became obvious Elvis Presley was the most explosive singer since the recording industry had been launched on cylinders in the 1880s, the search began for "The Next Elvis." Anyone who might fit the bill would need to have Presley's teenage heartthrob looks and a convincing country/rhythm and blues approach to delivering a song. Tommy Sands was a good candidate; he just had to figure out a way to introduce himself to a nationwide audience. He achieved it through a promotional music-and-TV tie-in that had been pulled off a few times before. Tommy became one of 1957's hottest young celebrities, but by the time a few years had passed it seemed the public was more interest in his marriage to the daughter of an entertainer ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Jan Bradley

Mama Didn't Lie
by Jan Bradley

Addie Bradley, a young woman determined to make it as a singer, had been working toward this goal for several years, and using the name Jan Bradley she made it happen, with the help of one of the Windy City's most talented performer-producers, Curtis Mayfield, and a song he'd written, "Mama Didn't Lie." She grew up in the Chicago suburb ... MORE ››