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Within a couple of years the thrill of 3-D had run its course, though studios never gave up on it and the process has been revived off-and-on, its most successful phase coming in recent years. Musically there wasn't much one could do with 3-D, as it requires a visual element, but there were those who tried: "Drunk" was an R&B hit in 1953 credited to Jimmy Liggins and his 3-D Music, the effect being a double-tracked lead vocal. Big Jay McNeely simply titled one of his hot sax ... MORE ››

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Hayley Mills

Hayley Mills doubled the mischief in The Parent Trap...her song from the movie is on the Top 100 Teen Idol Hits of the '50s and '60s! Check out the full list ... MORE ››

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Danny and the Juniors

'Let's go to the hop': I'm quite fond of these four high schoolers from the cracked-bell burg who identified themselves as The Juvenairs and then, with success hovering over their heads in 1957, Danny and the Juniors. Their song, as composed by solo singer Johnny Madara and Juniors member David White, had begun as "Do the Bop," but needed a logical alteration (why not take all the eggs out of one basket so as to spread them at least 12 times further?), as Dick Clark and Artie Singer reasoned if the song was going to outlast the dance of that name, already well past its prime assuming a lifespan of half-a-hundred fortnights should denote something beyond the usual music business definition of longevity, which it usually does ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Joe Jones

You Talk Too Much
by Joe Jones

There was just too much talkin' going on in the fall of 1960! Joe Jones had been on the fringe of the music business for several years by that time, finally finding a large audience when he complained openly about his woman's incessant yakking. Joe humorously pointed out the problem ('...you even worry my pet!') on one of that year's biggest hits, "You... MORE ››