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Fitness Tracker Oldies Battle:
Delfonics Versus Domino,
Elvis & Nixon Brings the
Soul, Rock and Gospel

Nick Jonas is seen pushing his running routine to the limit while The Delfonics' 1968 hit "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)" supplies momentum in a current TV commercial for Apple Watch and its fitness app (one of the device's many uses). Apparently competition is fierce, as Fats Domino's 1957 rock classic "I'm Walkin'" serves a similar function on Fitbit's latest spot for its fitness wristband ... MORE ››

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Johnny Cash

"Man in Black" Johnny Cash brings his unique style to the list of the Top 100 Male Solo Singers of the '50s and '60s! Check out the other 99 classic vocal stars ... MORE ››

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The Playmates

Donny Conn, Morey Carr and Chic Hetti rank among the most outstanding popular singers of the mid-20th century. Their individual vocal chops were impressive enough; when it came to harmonizing, this trio from Waterbury, Connecticut (about 30 miles west of Hartford) approached perfection. A popular touring act in Canada in the early '50s, they could have played it straight like The Four Aces of Philadelphia, the era's most successful vocal group, or slightly off-center like Canadian quartet The Four Lads. Instead they staked a claim early as a novelty act, going by the name The Nitwits, singing silly songs (some of which they wrote) or humorously altering existing hits while acting up in front of audiences. But while crazy stage antics worked on the road, would the same schtick translate to the mostly non-visual medium of records? They started out as ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Eddie Harris

by Eddie Harris

1961 was the year of Exodus. Not the second book of the Bible, mind you, but the movie adaptation of Leon Uris's 1958 novel based on the Arab-Israeli war that had begun a decade earlier. Dalton Trumbo adapted the screenplay from the book and Otto Preminger directed the epic, which premiered in December 1960 and starred Paul Newman ... MORE ››