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Me, Earl, the Dying Girl and Oldies Galore, Brother Ray
and Ted "Mess Around"

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl has indie film followers buzzing; detail-oriented music fans are working overtime to keep track of all the vintage instrumentals sprinkled throughout the movie. A pair of mid-'60s western themes by Ennio Morricone, "For a Few Dollars More" and "Navajo Joe," are in the mix, Alfred Hitchcock's notorious 1958 thriller Vertigo is represented with "Scene D'Amour" by composer Bernard ... MORE ››

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Oliver sang Rod McKuen's Oscar-nominated "Jean," notching his second big hit in a row! It's #55 on the Top 100 One-Word Title Hits of the '50s and '60s ... MORE ››

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The Kingston Trio

Bob Shane and Dave Guard were schoolmates in Honolulu, Hawaii, both having learned to play the ukulele in music class before advancing to guitar and banjo. Nick Reynolds grew up in San Diego and besides guitar he had a propensity for playing conga drums. The three got together in the San Francisco bay area when Dave was attending Stanford University in Palo Alto and Bob and Nick were just a few miles away at Menlo College in Menlo Park. They sang, mostly for fun, at college parties and a local hangout or two before Shane made his way back to Hawaii after graduation in 1956. Guard and Reynolds replaced him with Barbara Bogue and added Joe Gannon to accompany the three on bass. At some point they called themselves The Kingston Quartet and real paying ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Mickey and Sylvia

Love is Strange
by Mickey and Sylvia

They say love is strange (or it can be). Not that Mickey and Sylvia would know, as their relationsip was strictly business, the duo's hit song "Love is Strange" nothing more than a convincing act. McHouston Baker of Louisville, Kentucky was a top-notch guitarist (he rarely left the house without his axe); "Mickey" was a key part of literally hundreds... MORE ››