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Cruisin' to Miles, Pill
Poppin' with Sly, Playin'
Video Games Endorsed
by Dion and the Stones

Ever feel like you're riding around with Matthew McConaughey in his Lincoln MKX? Sure you do, if you watch a lot ot TV without muting the commercials. And just what is that classy jazz tune you and Matt are easin' back to as you cruise over the bridge late at night? It's "Au Bar du Petit Bac," recorded in Paris, France in 1957 by trumpet legend Miles Davis. An oddly remixed version of Sly and the Family ... MORE ››

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Jody Miller

Jody Miller crossed country and pop and wound up as one of the Top 100 Female Solo Singers of the '50s and '60s! See the full list of vivacious vocalists ... MORE ››

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Ray Charles

What would the world be like if Ray Charles had never existed? I suppose it would be about the same as it is, except for a huge void larger than any one man should leave. His music touched all bases, exceptionally so in nearly every case, while a uniquely individual personality shone through. The jubilant musical praises he was exposed to in church served as a starting point; as he gradually, tragically lost his eyesight between the ages of five and seven, music became top priority ("From the moment I learned that there were piano keys to be mashed, I started mashin' 'em, trying to make sounds out of feelings," he once said). When his sight left him completely, he learned to read in Braille quite quickly, which included teaching himself to read music in ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Lenny Welch

Since I Fell For You
by Lenny Welch

"Since I Fell For You" evolved a great deal between its first release in 1946 and the best-known version 17 years later. Its composer, New York band leader Buddy Johnson, debuted the song as a brass-heavy production with a vocal by his younger sister, Ella Johnson. The late '46 release on Decca made little impact at the time, but New Orleans ... MORE ››