Way Back 2014

"Love Me": Alabama's
Phantom Howls in a Spiel
for Southern Comfort

One of the wildest - and more obscure - '50s rock songs, "Love Me," is gaining new fans through its use in a commercial for Southern Comfort. Jerry Lott recorded the song in Mobile, Alabama in 1958 and after a year or so in limbo he donned a Lone Ranger-style mask and Dot Records took a shot, releasing the track on a 45 in 1960 under a mysterious moniker: The Phantom. The record wasn't successful at the time, but its current ... MORE ››

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Blues Magoos

Blues Magoos got "Nothin' Yet" and one other track on the Top 100 Psychedelic Hits 1966-1969! Check out these and 98 other trippy early hard rock tunes ... MORE ››

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Dinah Washington

At some point in Dinah Washington's career she was nicknamed "The Queen of the Blues." The majestic designation stayed with her, though it became less accurate as her style evolved. Certainly the blues was at the root of her music, simply considering the many stormy relationships she went through that likely provoked her well-known mood swings; but her blues recordings take a back seat to a stronger preference towards jazz. Ultimately she recorded many popular standards and even country songs; she adjusted them to suit her own sensibility and excelled. Dinah often proclaimed, for all within earshot to hear, "I can sing anything!"...and as long as she wasn't called upon to perform an operatic aria, the statement was true. Time and again she backed up those words with disciplined ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Skyliners

♦ Since I Don't Have You ♦
by the Skyliners

Joe Rock, who worked for a local record distributor, was 22 when he brought together five teenaged singers, all students at Carrick High on the South Hills side of Pittsburgh, from three separate vocal groups. Wally Lester had sung in an outfit called The Crescents. Jimmie Beaumont (who found inspiration in the harmonies of R&B groups like ... MORE ››