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A Nefarious Super Bowl Question: "Do You Love Me"..."Little Demon"?

Overall, this year's Super Bowl ads had a more contemporary feel than usual. Exceptions: Janelle Monáe danced to The Contours' 1962 Motown smash "Do You Love Me" in the latest in a long line of colorful, musical Pepsi commercials. The most surprising turn came late in the game on a spot for Fitbit Blaze (The Smart Fitness Watch) and its wonderfully wacko backing track, Screamin' Jay Hawkins' deranged "Little Demon"... MORE ››

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Patti Page

Patti Page, "The Singing Rage," is number one on the list of the Top 100 Female Solo Singers of the '50s and '60s! See the rankings for 2 through 100... MORE ››

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Peter, Paul and Mary

Albert Grossman was the guy who took three relatively inexperienced singers and helped them navigate the viciously unforgiving atmosphere of New York City as a collective unit, shaping them within a matter of months into a fully-formed folk act much greater than the sum of its separate identities. Timing, of course, was a major factor; had folk music not been so magnificently in vogue during the early 1960s, Peter, Paul and Mary might have been little more than an entertaining coffee-house act catering to a cult following perplexed by their obscure standing. But by an unusual set of circumstances they were able to chart their own course, in the process outlasting music's "folk boom" phase without having to adapt to any evolving trends outside a collective ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Damita Jo

If You Go Away
by Damita Jo

Opportunities certainly came her way at the onset; born Damita Jo DeBlanc in Austin, Texas, she spent her teenage years in Santa Barbara, California. At age 18 she made the short hop southeast on the 101 to Los Angeles, where KOWL radio personality Joe Adams recognized Damita's talent and pulled a few strings to get her into some of the area ... MORE ››