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The Bikeriders Tear Up
the Pavement with a Wild,
Eclectic Song Selection

The Bikeriders, directed by Jeff (Take Shelter) Nichols and starring Jodie (Killing Eve) Comer and Austin (Elvis) Butler, offers up a loaded soundtrack of '50s and '60s tunes including hits and well-known tracks like "Raunchy" by Bill Justis, "Come Softly to Me" by The Fleetwoods, "Road Runner" by Bo Diddley, "New Orleans" by U.S. Bonds and '60s rock classics "Baby Please Don't Go" by Them and "I Feel Free"... MORE ››

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Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain, also known as "Singing" Dr. Kildare, worked his "Three Stars" hit onto the list of the Top 100 Number-Title Songs of the '50s and '60s! ... MORE ››

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Patsy Cline

"Is she a country singer or a pop singer?" That's a question unlikely to have been asked about anyone prior to the 1950s; attempting a career in pop music just wasn't something western-style singers considered. But Patsy Cline had an exceptional gift, a voice that lent itself easily to pop-style ballads despite her preference for country. It wasn't her idea to gradually move away from fiddle and steel guitar accompaniment to stringed orchestras and elegant background vocalists but rather the people she worked with, some with an ear for what makes a star and at least one with a nose for the scent of greenbacks but a lack of foresight. What matters in the long run is that she recorded a little more than one hundred songs during her regrettably short, accident-prone life, and ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Howlin' Wolf

How Many More Years
Howlin' Wolf

Aberdeen, Mississippi-born Chester Arthur Burnett's parents were soil-tilling plantation farmers. He was named after Chester A. Arthur (president of the United States more than 25 years before his birth in 1910). Trivial tidbits like these are at odds with the fact that young Chester was destined to prosper in a field far removed from his ... MORE ››