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Under the ever-widening category of "songs that are altered forever after being featured in a horror movie," or in this case TV series, season two of From on MGM+ has included Bob Dylan's 1963 Freewheelin' classic "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" on its soundtrack and the 1968 Mama Cass hit "Dream a Little Dream of Me" in a creepy trailer for the show. In theaters: Somewhere in Queens, starring ... MORE ››

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Fats Domino

"My Blue Heaven" is one of three sky-dyed hits by Fats Domino on the list of the Top 100 Color Songs of the '50s and '60s! Check out the entire spectrum ... MORE ››

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The Four Preps

Formed while in high school in 1954, they looked and sounded younger, acted somewhat immature...and that was okay, as soon there would be an excess of "teen idols" (sparked by the explosive debut of Elvis) who were younger still, cutting in on their action as they had done with those "old" twentysomething quartets. David Nelson (who played himself on ABC-TV's The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet) was a fellow Hollywood High classmate with a kid brother named Ricky, whose destiny was to join the "Big E" in the top echelon...after a year or two, once he turned 16 and decided rock and roll was the happening thing. The Preps were right there in the thick of the late-'50s hitmaking movement wherein youngsters wrested a majority of singles sales from their ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Frank Ifield

I Remember You
Frank Ifield

Let's talk about yodeling for a minute. This style that alternates between a singer's regular voice with much higher notes delivered in a rapid-fire manner has, it's been claimed, been around perhaps a hundred centuries or longer. In various cultures worldwide, it became a way for people to communicate over long distances, particularly in ... MORE ››