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Handmaids Plays with Everly Tunes, Don't Worry Darling Takes Mindbending
Liberties with Classic Songs

On TV: Season five of The Handmaid's Tale has begun streaming on Hulu and the first two episodes have something musically in common. The opening scene of each starts with "All I Have to Do is Dream" by The Everly Brothers, though episode one features the original chart-topping 1958 version recorded for Cadence Records while the second plays the re-recording done by the Everlys for Warner... MORE ››

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Dickey Lee

Storyteller Dickey Lee places his hit "Patches" on the Top 100 Mercury-Smash-Philips Hits 1950-1969! Check out 99 more of the label's classic tunes... MORE ››

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Jaye P. Morgan

So what's in a name, anyway? Can confusion reign if two or more names are the same or nearly so? That was a minor dilemma for Mary Margaret Morgan at the point where her professional career got under way around the age of 18. When she was a baby it was simpler; everyone she knew shared the Morgan surname. Father John Morgan and mother Josephine Owens Morgan performed publically with her four older brothers as The Morgan Family Variety Troupe. There were seven children in all (one brother and one sister didn't participate) and when she was added shortly after her third birthday in 1934, the act became The Morgan Family featuring Little Mary Morgan. Got it sorted out so far? 'Cause we aren't even up to the ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack The Corsairs

Smoky Places
the Corsairs

Three brothers and a cousin from La Grange, North Carolina, about 70 miles east of state capital Raleigh and an equal distance west to the Atlantic Ocean, formed a memorable but relatively short-lived family act, in the process becoming the 2000-person city's most famous celebrities. The Corsairs were hardly swashbuckling as their name might ... MORE ››