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As we find ourselves in the thick of Hollywood's "awards season" ritual, it's hard not to sample at least one episode from many of 2022's top television nominees, which can lead to participation in the couch-bound sport widely referred to as bingeing. Doing so reveals, for fans of decades-old music, a wealth of vintage hits set in a variety of different contexts while discovering some excellent films and limited series. So before you start ... MORE ››

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Patti Page

With 12 certified smashes, Patti Page conquers the list of the Top 100 Mercury-Smash-Philips Hits! Check out the biggest songs from the Chicago label ... MORE ››

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Conway Twitty

Few music acts have successfully taken the leap from one genre to another. Building an audience, then pursuing another, can be a difficult transition given the loyalties so many fans have to one style or another. But Conway Twitty pulled it off, even after being warned about the often-disastrous consequences. For him it was a matter of following the heart; his youthful fascination with rock and roll had transitioned into a hankering, in his thirties, to perform country and western music. The two genres shared some similarities, but crossing over to country meant he would have to develop an older fan base that, for the most part, scorned the musical tastes of rock-obsessed teens. Yet he achieved the unthinkable ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Hollywood Argyles

Alley Oop
Hollywood Argyles

Iowa-born comic strip artist V.T. Hamlin had a fascination with the Paleolithic "caveman" age of a couple million years ago as well as the Mesozoic "dinosaur" era that happened much, much earlier. As a child he drew cartoonish cavemen and as an adult the idea became Alley Oop, a loincloth wearing, stone weapon wielding citizen of the Kingdom of Moo... MORE ››