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Jim Reeves, Tommy Edwards, Everlys and Sinatra Enchant Theaters and Home Entertainment Systems

Soothing sounds: a cordial pop-country classic kicks off current cinema champ Gozilla x Kong: The New Empire. Jim Reeves' 1964 hit "Welcome to My World" is part of a trend of light pop standards that have been included in recent installments of both monsters' franchises. Tommy Edwards' 1958 chart-topper "It's All in the Game" counters the frantic pace of the Irish action/war film In the ... MORE ››

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Georgia Gibbs

"Seven Lonely Days" by Georgia Gibbs has a spot on the Top 100 Number-Title Songs of the '50s and '60s! Check out the list of numerical guilty pleasures ... MORE ››

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The Supremes

The designated second- and third-banana members of The Supremes, the leading American music group of the 1960s, both have loyal, unwavering fans. Florence Ballard, in particular, has had staunch supporters all along. The unofficial leader of the group in its early years, she was arguably the best choice for lead singer. Mary Wilson holds more of a "what if?" position, as she was given limited opportunity to rise beyond the background. Still, everyone loves her. There are arguments for and against the anointment of Diana Ross to the central role of what became so much more than a lead vocalist. When she went solo in 1970, a wave of negativism swept through the worldwide community of Motown fans; people actually wanted her to fail! Some have blamed ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Steam

Na Na Hey Hey
Kiss Him Goodbye
♦ by Steam

A band that didn't really exist, a song that was thrown together quickly after years on the shelf, a chorus with 'na-na's and 'hey-hey's in place of actual lyrics. One of the catchiest hooks of all time, nevertheless. The details of "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam isn't so much a story as a legend born of a late ... MORE ››