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Fashion trends have been reflected in music at nearly every turn. Bell bottom trousers had been worn by sailors for more than a hundred years; Teresa Brewer was obsessed with one such Navy man in her 1954 hit "Bell Bottom Blues." The pants caught on big in the late '60s and '70s when practically everyone wore them. The coonskin caps popular with the frontiersmen of roughly 150 years earlier made an unforeseen comeback with America's youth, as television shows ... MORE ››

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The Moonglows

The Moonglows are well represented on the Top 100 Chess-Checker Hits of the '50s and '60s...and so is the group's leader, Harvey! See the full list ... MORE ››

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Aretha Franklin

The most important period in Aretha Franklin's career as a singer was from 1960 to 1967, the years she spent with Columbia Records along with the early months of her association with Atlantic. Without the experience she gained during those Columbia years, performing and recording all manner of pop and blues, R&B, show tunes and ultimately the soul music she mastered so spectacularly, Aretha would not have become the superstar and, indeed, national treasure that she is. Not everyone agrees with my opinion on this. Aretha possessed impressive vocal range and control at an early age, but she was not a fully-formed artist in her teens; if anything she was a very good gospel singer with the potential for more. Her history begins in 1942 in ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Ronnie Self

by Ronnie Self

One day some 20-plus years ago I stopped in at one of those big name record stores to browse the CD bins, a frequent every-week-or-so routine. Walking in, I was assaulted with the song "Bop-A-Lena" blasting out of the shop's multiple speakers! Not exactly the type of music typically played in those big stores of the late '80s, but I'll never... MORE ››