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Adrift Soundtrack Has an International Flavor, Evie Sands, Flamingos, Otis and Brenton Impact Movies, TV

Shailene Woodley's latest star turn in Adrift, a sail-across-the-ocean love story with a heavy dose of disaster, offers the most diverse mix of vintage music of any current box office film. To start with, there's "Flamenco Sketches" by boss trumpeter Miles Davis (from his benchmark 1959 album Kind of Blue) and "I'm Old Fashioned" by sax whiz John Coltrane. Brazilian... MORE ››

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Dinah Washington

Queen Bee Dinah Washington ranks among the Top 100 Music Artists of the '50s and '60s! See the list of the biggest and best mid-century hitmakers... MORE ››

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The Shirelles

There were these four girls at Passaic High School in New Jersey who sang pretty well together. Their talent was more obvious to classmate Mary Jane Greenberg that it was, perhaps, to themselves. Fortunately Mary Jane's mother, Florence Greenberg, had been thinking about getting into the record business, if for nothing else than to break up the monotony of being a housewife. She just wasn't sure how to follow through on the idea. When her daughter came home raving about the girls' performance at a school talent show, Florence was interested in seeing just how good these teenage singers were. Shirley Owens, Addie "Micki" Harris, Doris Coley and Beverly Lee had been calling themselves The Poquellos. When they sang for Florence, she wanted ... MORE ››

Vinyl Attack Bill Justis

by Bill Justis

Bill Justis didn't start with a desire to be a rock and roller, but when he found himself in the same room every day with some of rock's originators, he began to get the hang of it and move in that direction. The fact that the room was the recording studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, his home town, had a lot to do with it. A saxophonist and trumpet player... MORE ››