Way Back 2014

October 9, 2014 - Horror Story Distorts '50s Hits, Jeter Retires With "My Way" Playing

FX Network's American Horror Story continues to weave vintage songs into its storylines, matching disturbing images to romance-oriented hits. The premiere of season four, set in a Freakshow circa 1952, contains hits from a trio of the era's premiere pop divas: "With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming" by Patti Page from 1950, in addition to "Kiss of Fire" by Georgia Gibbs and "Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart" by Vera Lynn, both chart-toppers from '52.

Shortstop Derek Jeter's 20-year Major League Baseball career has reached its finale. This year's Yankeeless postseason playoffs are running a tribute spot, sponsored by Gatorade, that features Frank Sinatra's 1969 hit version of Paul Anka's "My Way."

October 1, 2014 - Plant and Fallon do "Duke," Knightley's "Not There" for Chanel

Robert Plant joined Jimmy Fallon last week on The Tonight Show for a casual a cappella duet, taking on the 1962 Gene Chandler classic "Duke of Earl" (and giving credit to Gene...as it should be!), with a little help from house band The Roots and iPad's "Loopy" app to create the doo woppin' 'duke, duke, duke' hook on the fly. Former Led Zeppelin frontman Plant ad-libbed a favorite from his childhood, ending with the first line of The Heartbeats' '56 hit "A Thousand Miles Away."

From the world of high fashion and exotic foreign locales: Keira Knightley's been teasing some guy all summer, driving a speedboat while The Zombies' 1964 smash "She's Not There" blasts out of TV set speakers, stylishly stimulating sales of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Duke of Earl